On behalf of our Members, welcome and thanks for visiting the Minnesota Fraternal Order Police Lodge 1 website. MN FOP Lodge 1 is a 501c(8) Non-profit Organization.  We have recently upgraded our website and hope you enjoy the new format.

The FOP is the largest law enforcement organization in the country, perhaps the world, with over 300,000 members. The FOP started in Minnesota in 1991 with Lodge 1 and a few members and has grown to over 2,600 active members in 24 local lodges. The mission of the FOP in Minnesota is to encourage fraternal, educational, charitable, and social activities among law enforcement officers and cultivate a spirit of fraternalism with mutual helpfulness among Members and the people we serve.

To provide more funds for benevolent purposes, Lodge 1 became active in Charitable Gambling in 1998. In the twelve years we have been involved in this, Lodge 1 has given out over half a million dollars to local charities and fellow officers who have fallen on hard times. We are no longer involved in charitable gaming.

Lodge 1 sponsors many social events for members and their families. Past events have included a booya, summer BBQs, family day with the St. Paul Saints, and an annual golf tournament.

If you have recently became an peace officer, know of any peace officers who are not members or who have thought about becoming a member, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any of the Lodge 1 Officers. So if you have just found us or are thinking about becoming a member, why don't you come and see what we are about. Our monthly meetings are posted on our website well in advance so you can make plans to attend. I hope to see many new members and hope that the current members stay active.

Fraternally yours,

Michael Norstrem

President, Lodge 1

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